About us

Satu & Jett in the final competitions in Winner 2008-show.
Our location

My name is Satu Laitinen. I live in Varkaus in the East of Finland with my husband Ilkka. My first dog was a Beagle called Miska. I got her in the summer of 1981 when she was a little puppy. The same year I visited a dog show for the first time. Miska was our pet, a member of our family and also a good hunting dog. 

I have owned Beagles since the year 1981. My first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel arrived in 1993.

I got the prefix Cardiem in 2001. Cardiem derives from the name of our Beagle Daragoj Carpe Diem. Our first Beagle litter was born in July 2004.

Health and right temperament comes before anything else in our breeding. As responsible breeders we also want to find loving and co-operative homes for our puppies.

Our dogs live in our house with us as family members. We like jogging with our dogs and we take part in dog shows. Our dogs bring us lot of joy in our daily life and we are glad for their show success, too.

Here we live!

  Cardiem kennel is the home of happy and beloved quality dogs

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Best regards,

Satu & Ilkka